Ca' Del Sette


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A history of passion and commitment

Matteo Pontalto and Elisa Dian’s families have been wine growers since the late 1800s. Elisa in particular inherited her passion for wine from her grandmother Severina Antonello, acclaimed wine connoisseur in the 1950s from the picturesque Italian town of Gambellara. From that passion derives Ca’ del Sette, a local wine growing family business based in the Vicenza and Verona renowned DOC wine areas - of which Gambellara is part - located within the beautiful Veneto region.

The continuous commitment in growing only local grape varieties by using meticulous traditional techniques has led to the establishment of a solid reality which culminated in 2011 with the construction of a self-owned wine factory, built to the highest standards of thermal efficiency and production quality and set up to autonomously handle every stage of grape processing.

Wine is a living element that needs painstaking care for its preservation; our activity as wine growers cannot but take this process into full consideration.

Soil matters

We give a big deal of importance to every stage of the wine production process, so much so that every detail is thoroughly taken into account. One crucial detail is soil, which gives wine its unique bouquet of tastes and scents. Our vineyards lie on three main types of soil - silty, vulcnic and basaltic.

Our vineyards

Between the charming provinces of Vicenza and Verona in the Veneto region, influenced by Lake Garda’s microclimate, lie our vineyards which boast over 40 years of cultivation. The harmonic beauty of the landscape, the unique combination of tastes and fragrances and the rich culture of this land described as "blessed by nature" by Venetian poet Giacomo Zanella still remain unaltered today.

The environment, an heritage to preserve

Land is our most valuable asset. Through the usage of ecofriendly techniques in wine making we make sure that we contribute to the vineyard’s natural balance. In doing so, we use bio-fuelled machines lubricated with vegetable oils, as well as organic fertilizers for the soil. In addition, we are working on the installation of solar cells in order to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum.

Our wines

Our products available on the market are: Prosecco DOC Extra Dry; Bacca Del Merlo - Bianco Veneto IGT; Stranero - Rosso Veneto IGT; Vino Bianco Veneto IGT; and Vino Rosso Veneto IGT available in the Bag-In-Box format of 3-5-10-20 litres.

As for packaging, we have decided to adopt the Bag-In-Box (BIB) format as well as the traditional wine bottle. BIB is the only packaging method that allows the product quality to remain unaltered from the first glass of wine to the very last one. In addition, it is good value for money, handy, eco-friendly and can be chilled. Moreover, it is a very hygenic solution because it keeps bacteria and other external agents away whilst serving.

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